A Well Packed Pack!

"Be prepared" is the Scouts' motto and so it is with the Walkabouters.

It very is important that every Walkabouter and guest carries a small, comfortable day pack with the necessary essentials to cover a range of weather conditions and any adverse mishaps that may occur during each walk.

These include

a good waterproof rain coat with a hood, spare socks and a woolen hat,

your lunch, water - in a bottle (at least 1 litre), a small first aid kit, a whistle and matches.
A compass or other preferred navigational device is optional.

Also pack a spare set of clothes including trousers, a light weight polar fleece or woolen jumper, a sunhat, thermal top and woolen gloves.

 The model above is sporting gardening gloves (couldn't find any woolens ones) and a fly net, which is very handy in the high country.
It is also a good idea to have a spare pair of shoes in the car to change into after the walk. 
Got to keep your feet happy. 

How does all this fit into one small pack? 
One way is to roll things up so they take up less space. 
It's also a good idea to place spare clothes inside plastic bags to help keep them dry.

How much does all this weigh?
Surprisingly, all this weighed a total of 5 kgs.
Grocery shopping bags have been known to weigh a whole lot more!

It all fits with room to spare!

Oh, and don't forget the sunscreen!!

 So, if you follow the above tips,
you will be prepared with a well packed pack,

 just in case this happens to you!

(No Walkabouter was harmed in the making of this blog post.)

Walkabouters Club of Victoria Inc.

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