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The Domino Trail - Trentham

The Domino Trail is not a trail of dominoes left behind by playful children. Rather it is a trail that follows a disused railway that meanders through the forest
surrounding the historic town of Trentham.

Trentham was abuzz with activity when we arrived at the Historic Railway on the outskirts of town. The monthly market was in full swing in the grounds of the railway car park, offering cakes and coffee for breakfast for those who rolled out of bed and missed their breaky to make in time for the start of the walk. 

After grabbing a coffee from the market and ignoring the stalls on the platform, we stepped off the platform down into local history. The old railway once formed an important link between Daylesford and Carlshrue and was opened in 1880. 

Original rails and sleepers form the walking trail for the first 500 meters, so you need to make sure where you put your feet. After crossing Falls road the trail enters bushland made up of Eucalypt species including manna gum, peppermint and mountain gums.

The trail uses the Powerful Owl as it's symbol on all the track markers. The Powerful Owl lives in tree hollows and is listed as an endangered species. The bushland which the trail leads, has been protected to preserve the habitat of this largest of Australian owl species.

The bushland is also home to swamp wallabies, grey kangaroos and short-beak echidnas. We didn't see any today, it was probably too cold for them to be out and about.

We sat on top of the raised tunnel and looked over Domino Creek as it cut it's way 
through the bush.

The very straight line of the Domino Creek

A thermos of hot water was very welcome on this cold Autumn day.

The walking track took a left turn about 2 kms from Lyonville looping down to 
Domino Creek and the tunnel.

Following an old logging track that wound it's way through the forest,

and explored the brick lined tunnel, built to allow the Domino Creek 
to flow under the railway.

The creek wasn't flowing through the tunnel. Not sure where the water went?!

The view from the other side

The tunnel seemed to be darker on the return journey.

All the bricks must have been used up when they came to build this bridge.

The sun finally decided to poke out from behind the grey clouds and light the bushland up around us. Sunlight makes all the difference in the bush.

It certainly helps photographs look a bit brighter too!

In every pine forest there is bound to be found and toad stool or two! 

Here are some fun guys posing in the grass!

Toad Stool

Another toad stool

Mushroom and leaf litter

And then we where back at the Historic Trentham Railway Station.

As the market had packed up for the day, we headed off to
the Spud Festival on the shores of the nearby lake.

An Autumnal Festival of colour!

Who would have thought that a Spud Festival could be so entertaining! 
A great way to finish a Walkabouter's walk!

Walkabouters Club of Victoria Inc.

Friday, May 17, 2013



Trentham station is a closed railway station in the town of Trentham, on the former Carlsruhe-to-Daylesford line. It opened on Monday, 16 February 1880, and was closed July 1978. The station building, platform and goods shed, and a short section of track, have all been retained, although no train services currently operate from the station. Tenants live at the station and look after it as a museum. most of the line's track has been removed, the land is still zoned for railway use, and track still exists for 1 km on either side of the station. Some rolling stock is still kept in the former yard. 

The Walk

This is a delightful meander seeing some of the history and flora of the area.For the first 500m, the rails are still in place and the grass- covered trail runs between them. On the left can be seen the old Sunnyside foundry. 
  • After Falls Rd, the trail enters bushland. Species of eucalypt include manna gum, peppermint and mountain gum. A kilometre on, it leaves the rail formation to skirt private property.
  • After passing through lower lying areas dominated by swamp gum, the trail returns to the formation at Doctors Creek.
  • Along this section, watch for swamp wallabies, grey kangaroos and short-beaked echidnas.
  • The principal marked trail ends on a high railway embankment. A short loop trail has been constructed here which takes you down to the Domino Creek to see the brick-lined tunnel that carries the creek under the line. The loop continues along an old logging trail before returning to the railway. 

    This trail uses the Powerful Owl as its trail symbol. This is an species occasionally seen in this area. Sign boards along the trail explain the history of the area.

The Grade 

Easy walk, 10 km mostly flat with a couple of gentle undulations. 

Here is a photo that was not taken in Trentham.

Faerie's aprons with West Pelion

 The Overland Track in Tasmania is a must for any bushwalker!

Walking the Domino Trail in Trentham is a must for all Walkabouter's this Saturday!

See you there or be square!!

For more information contact:

Walkabouters Club of Victoria Inc.

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