Sunday, June 3, 2012

Mount Macedon, Sunday 3rd June

Winter! A time for hibernation and staying indoors out of the cold and rain. 

But not for these Walkabouters and their guests. We arrived early Sunday morning at McGregors car park in Mount Macedon Regional Park and were greeted by a very Wintery four degrees Celsius. The sun hung low over the northern horizon and tried very hard to peek through the clouds that had settled on Mount Macedon.

As we waited for latecomers to join the throng, we kept our hands warm by wrapping them around cups of tea and stamping our feet in readiness for the days walk 
(which resulted in a lot of spilled tea!).

It wasn't too long before we rugged up and hoisted our packs, 

and headed off into the mist,

 along the Macedon Ranges Trail

 that meandered around the base of Camel's Hump.

Due to brilliant planning and organisation by the walk leaders,
we had an escort across the main road and bright trail makers at every turn.

We certainly weren't going to get lost on this walk!

Upon arrival to McGregor's Picnic Ground, the early arrivals noticed
what looked like a tent with people serving lattes, set up in the picnic area.

However, on closer inspection it was discovered that these people were officials supervising the Victorian Trail Running Championships. The races were in full swing by the time we started arrived and started walking with 224 people running around the trails!

Avoiding the many runners on the trail,

we walked down the Sanatorium Lake,

past some interesting fungi,

 and arrived just as the sun was breaking through the clouds.

It didn't take long for the mist to evaporate in the Winter's sunlight.

 After morning tea and

 reflecting on our sanity

 while we walked around the Sanatorium Lake,

 we headed back uphill,

 avoiding many of the leeches hiding in the undergrowth,

 to our luncheon spot.

After lunch we headed back along the trail to McGregor's Picnic Ground.

Before heading home we drove a short distance to the start of the track up
Camel's Hump.

It was a steep but short climb.

Spot the koalas?!

The viewing platform provided a excellent resting place and group photo opportunity.

But the best part of this steep, additional excursion,

Northern views from Camels Hump

were the views!

Mt Macedon in Winter's afternoon light.

Thank-you to our leaders for organising such a wonderful Winter's Walk!


Walkabouters Club of Victoria Inc.

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