Saturday, July 6, 2013

Birdsland Reserve to Lysterfield Lake and return

Today 12 Walkabouters wandered along the tracks from Birdsland Reserve to Lysterfield Lake and got very sore feet and tired legs. (Mmmm, I wonder if under-estimating the length of the walk may be considered false advertising?)

Birdsland Reserve Picnic Area

Birdsland Reserve is nestled in the foothills of the Dandenong Ranges near the quiet town of Belgrave South.

This 75ha bushland Reserve was previously productive farming land owned 
by Farmer Bird. 

Upon retirement this generous farmer donated his land to local government and is now a haven for local wildlife. The Monbulk Creek flows through the reserve and a 28ha retarding basin attracts a wide range of birds. Platypus have even been seen swimming in the creek.

There are quite a few tracks that meander around the Reserve. We followed the main walking track around the lake and onto Dargon Track. This track name is much more exciting if you read it as Dragon Track.

Dragon Track leads out of the valley around the side of green rolling hills that are dotted with granite boulders, pine trees and the remains of once productive orchards.

After a gradual uphill climb it was all downhill through stands of eucalypt trees with kangaroos resting and grazing on the green grass.

A granite boulder

Very carefully we crossed busy Wellington Road. Care must be taken when crossing a cars hurtle along in both directions traveling at least 80 kms per hour. There is a dip in the road at the designated crossing and cars from the east seem to appear out of nowhere!

After safely navigating the crossing, we were in Lysterfield Lake Park. We enjoyed a leisurely morning tea on some fallen logs by the side of Logan Park Track.

Morning Tea

We followed Logan Park Track and then right onto Lamberts Track and then left onto

Thompson Track that weaves it's way through the trees and down towards Lysterfield Lake.

A cold blustery wind greeted us on the shores of the beach and we sheltered on higher ground on picnic tables under the sturdy boughs of a eucalypt. 

Lunch was very brief and we rugged up before crossing the damn wall.

Lysterfield Lake is a popular destination for sailing, canoeing, kayaking, mountain biking and walking around the 20 kms of trails.

There are even jetties to park boats and bird hides for peeking on the many varieties of

birds that live and visit the parklands.

Following the Acacia nature walk, we circumnavigated the lake,

then rejoined Logan Park Track and headed back toward Birdsland Reserve.


We saw some more kanagroos along the way!

Back over the rolling green hills,

past the lake and waterbirds foraging for food on it's edges,

and we were soon back at our cars at Birdsland Picnic ground.

The total distance walked is yet to come in but by the soreness of our feet and legs suggested the walk was about 18 kms. And everyone made it! 

It must have been the reward of scones with jam and cream that kept us all going!

Hoping to see you all at our next walk!

Walkabouters Club of Victoria Inc.


  1. Thank you SE for organising another great walk and for organising for the rain to hold off until we were enjoying those fabulous freshly baked scones.

  2. I was just adding walk notes for Birdsland reserve and came across your details for the Lysterfield Lake walk from Birdsland. I had no idea there was a connecting track and plan to maybe take the kids on their bikes, hoping it is suitable all the way. I agree with your comments on Wellington Road, it is manic. Keep the great stories coming!

  3. Nice Walk and Nicely reported. Would loved to have joined you, how far was it and how long did you take for the trip?


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