Sunday, September 8, 2013

Pyretes Range - Mt Sugarloaf and Antinomy Mine Track

Today was a beautiful spring day. Just perfect for four Walkabouters to walk along the tracks in the Pyretes Range. We met at Merrimu Reservoir a few kilometers from the Range and saw a spectacular halo ringing the sun as it shone brightly through high clouds.

It's a bit bright!

A more dramatic shot

 After a short drive we arrived the beginning of the Antinomy Mine Track.

We ducked under the gate and headed downhill,

ignoring the path with a quartz arrow pointing left,

 and then uphill until we turned right onto Sugarloaf Track.

Mt Blackwood and Xanthorrhoea

It was a bit steep!

Mt Sugarloaf in the distance

Turn off to the Summit

And then we reached the Summit!

Westerly view to Mt Blackwood

Warning  sign!

Dare we go in if there is no exit??

 We dared!

Is that a bridge?!

A more dramatic view

 Fortunately, it was not a bridge to far,

Patient onlookers.

to get across.


Antinomy mine entrance

A rocky outcrop

Dry creek bed

Some more ruins

Even more ruins

Rock face

Flowering xanthorrhoea

 And then we were back!

After a cup of tea it was time to drive home!

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