Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mt Evelyn Walk, Saturday 21st May.

Seven intrepid Walkabouters ventured out one fine, late Autumn's day,
and walked over the hills of Mount Eveyln,
and far, far away.

We started the walk from Lilydale on the Warburton Trail with our destination being  Quinns nature  reserve. We had a total of seven eager walkers and a beautiful day.

We walked and talked along the trail to Mt Evelyn where we had a toilet stop and visited library which had an art show.

We then continued along the trail to a series of historical notes and pictures of the trail from its grand opening in about 1907 as a railway to the reopening as a cycling walking and horse trail.

The train line between Lilydale and Warburton operated as a broad gauge railway from about 1901. The length from Lilydale to Warburton was slightly over 37 kilometres (23 mi). The last train ran on Sunday, 1 August 1965, although it was officially closed on 29 July 1965. wikilink

The track was dismantled in the 1970's and the Rail Trail was established in 1996. The trail has been continuous since 1998 from Maroondah Hwy in Lilydale to the former site of the Warburton Railway Station.

 We then found our way down to Quinns reserve by using side paths between the houses and dirt roads.

At Quinns reserve we found the going enjoyable but muddy after the rains, so we returned to our lunch spot via the roads.

Lunch was great with some views of the hills through the trees. We then returned to Mt Evelyn and a well earned coffee at Morrison's before returning to Lilydale along the trail.

On this walk I learned to listen to the group and be flexible and adjust the route and the lunch spot to suit everyone's wants and needs which is why it all worked out.

Looking forward to seeing you all on my next walk at Blackburn Lake area. See forthcoming walk notes for details.

Walkabouters Club of Victoria Inc.

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