Sunday, July 8, 2012

Walk Notice - Lerderderg Gorge - Sunday 15th July

The Walk:

One of Lerderderg’s oldest and most popular walks, East Walk follows the eastern bank of the river south of O’ Briens Crossing. Lerderderg’s rich gold mining past is on display and there are excellent views of the river along the way.

We have the option to complete a circuit following the water races and foot trails along the river before ascending Cowan Track to the top of the gorge. Due to recent floods, there is tree debris along the trail which we need to navigate around and over. The trail is undulating, narrow and uneven – so if you use poles it would be good to bring them.

It is also possible to complete a shorter section of the East Walk and return to O’Briens Crossing which is very picturesque. A perfect spot for painting or enjoying a brew.


Moderate walking, between 10 - 14 km

Mount Wellington in Tasmania is nowhere near Lerderderg Gorge.

So we will be visiting Lerderderg Gorge as it is in Victoria!

For more information about the walk or if you would like to join us,
send an email to

Walkabouters Club of Victoria Inc.

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