Sunday, September 9, 2012

Walk Notice - Richards Tramline - Sunday 16 September


Richard’s tramline was built in the early 1920s to transport timber down to the sawmills. We will follow the tramline up from the Big Pats Creek Picnic Area, passing "The Curves", a series of bends, cuttings and embankments which carried the tramline into the Big Pats Creek valley. We will then continue along the tramline up the Mississippi Creek valley, through tall mountain ash forests, and, after lunch, return to the picnic area.


Medium walking on an old tramway, about 12 km in length, with options for shorter walks.

Bunyips aren't the only things that can be found in the Australian bush.

Tramlines also appear out of nowhere! 

Richard had a strange sense of humour!

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Don't forget your gumboots!

For information about the Walkabouters,

Walkabouters Club of Victoria Inc.

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