Monday, November 5, 2012

Scotchmans Creek Trail - Saturday 27th, October

Here is the very belated post about the walk along Scotchmans Creek Trail.

On the Saturday morning in question, an intrepid group of Walkabouters met at Brickmakers Park in Oakleigh.

But as I wasn't there, here is a brief description of the walk in past tense.

We left the park via the NE corner and after crossing Stamford Road we linked up with the sealed path that took us to Scotchman's Run Reserve. At the highest point of the Reserve we had excellent views along the creek valley to the skyline of Melbourne. 
We continued to follow this path, which brought us out to Estelle Street and turned right. After crossing Huntingdale Road we walked beside Melbourne Water Retarding Basin under the Monash Freeway, and Stephensons Road. The trail took us through many very attractive settings which have been maintained by local Councils and Friends Groups.

Morning tea was had at Fairway Reserve. we then walked north on Forster Road and then east along Waverley Road, before turning north on Regent Street and into the gravel path leading to Valley Reserve. Here we enjoyed lunch before retuning along the trail back to where we started. 

Eucalyptus trees were in flower along the trail, sending their sweet scent into the air. The delicate flowers are always a joy to see in spring time.

From all accounts, everyone enjoyed the walk, including Dante the Dog!

Looking forward to joining everyone on the next walk at St Erth in Blackwood for a walk along the Lerderderg River!

Walkabouters Club of Victoria Inc.

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