Thursday, January 10, 2013

Pretty Valley - Tawonga Huts - Mount Jaithmathang

Today six Walkabouters drove out to Pretty Valley and set to Tawonga Huts.

We took our time walking up the meandering slope 
and enjoyed the ever changing scenery.

View toward Mount McKay

Cairn and Mount Jaithmatung in the distance

A parade of horses joined the track coming down from Pole 333.

The horse party were intending to camp at Tawonga Huts before heading down to 
Mount Beauty in the low country.

We toured the huts and took artistic photos inside and out of the stark furnishings.

Grassy plain outside the huts

We then walked a short distance away from the horses and enjoyed morning tea looking over a rocky valley listening to the flowing water in the shade of the snow gums.

Two of our party then headed to the summit of Mount Jaithmathang.

After about an hour of steady walking through the sometime over grown vegetation

we reached the Summit!

Cairn Art!

We worked out how to use the self-timers on our cameras!

View to Feathertop

Feathertop and the Razorback

Clouds in the sky.

It felt too soon before it was time to leave the views of Feathertop behind and head back to Tawonga Huts and Pretty Valley.

A murder of ravens

Another great day's walk!

Walkabouters Club of Victoria Inc.

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