Sunday, January 6, 2013

Ropers Lookout, Sunday 6th January

 After sweltering through a 40 degree day in Melbourne, the cool mountain air of the Bogong High Plains was a welcome relief.

Ropers Lookout was the first walking destination for our week or walking.

Walking along the Rocky Valley Aqueduct Trail behind Falls Creek Village, we crossed the dam wall of the Rocky Valley Reservoir.

View of the Reservoir plug

The track to Ropers Lookout commences at the far end of the dam wall. 

Walking is easy as the track is wide and flat as it follows the Aqueduct trail for most of the way.

Wild flowers including Trigger plants, Snow Daisies, Orchids and even the occasional Yam Daisy were scattered along the path and banks of the Aqueduct.

Blue veined Sun Orchid

Unfortunately, more Cats Ears were in flower than native flowers.

Soon we were at the based of the short climb to Ropers Lookout.

After morning tea in the shade of Snow Gums on the side of the path,

we reached at the lookout.

The views were spectacular!

An interesting magnetic anomaly occur just behind the peak of Ropers Lookout.

Standing on the track the compass needles point to north.

Walking just five meters to the other side, the compass needles swing around and point north in a totally different direction!

How weird is that!? 

Enjoying the view!

It started to get hot sitting in the mid day sun on the lookout. So lunch was eaten in the shade of the Snow Gum before heading back to camp.

The down hill path was easy going.

We took the path under the damn wall on our return route.

Despite the cool mountain air, with no shade it was a hot journey 
under the summer sun.

Cool showers and even colder refreshments were very welcome 
at the end of our first day's walk.

Here is the link for the walk stats for those who like that sort of thing!

Walkabouters Club of Victoria Inc.

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