Sunday, November 1, 2015

Keppel Hut, Lake Mountain - Marysville Long Weekend

Sunday was exploring day! We met in the carpark at the Marysville Information Centre and drove in convoy to Lake Mountain. 

It was misty as we arrived at Gerritys carpark at Lake Mountain and undeterred we set off for a 14 kilometre return trip to Keppel Hut. Low cloud that hung mysteriously amongst the snow gums obscuring the view into the valleys. From the carpark at the Lake Mountain resort, we wandered along the well maintained cross country ski trails, enjoying the cool weather and each other’s company. 

The ski trail snow poles accurately measured our journey and we soon we came up end of the well maintained trails. From here, we joined a less well maintained trail and set off on an exploration into the unknown. Well, not quite unknown, as the trail took us to a well maintained cattleman’s hut, Keppell Hut and a very well maintained 4-wheel drive road! 

We enjoyed lunch at the picnic tables next to the hut. The trail to the hut included a very long downhill and a very long uphill which didn’t seem quite so bad on the way out. On our journey back, we were treated by a brief thunderstorm that added to the atmosphere of the day. I must admit, I was very pleased to see the cars as we arrived back to the car park. A great day’s adventure.

Not a photo of Keppel Hut!

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