Monday, November 2, 2015

Little River and Messmate Tracks in the Cathedral Ranges, Marysville Long Weekend.

Today we walked in the Cathedral Ranges.

We met at Ned’s Gully car park. Some of us decided on a short amble along the Little River trail whilst the remaining more adventurous walkers, went on a longer march to Sugar Loaf Saddle at the Southern End of the ranges. We all set off along the Little River track and enjoyed the shade of the tress and sound of the creek rushing along over rocks and stones. The adventure walkers arrived at Cooks Mills picnic area for morning tea before joining Tweed Spur Drive and then onto Messmate Track.

Here the, the intrepid leader assured the other walkers, it was only a short uphill until the track levelled out to an easy walk to the next picnic shelter. Well, that’s how I remembered it! After a long uphill trudge that never seemed to end, we finally arrived at the Sugar Loaf Saddle for lunch. Sitting eating lunch, we enjoyed the view of Sugar Loaf Peak, happy in the knowledge we didn’t have to walk up there and that is was downhill on the way back! We arrived back to the cars, foot sore and certainly ready for another splendid evening meal! 


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