Monday, January 2, 2012

The Big Spur - Tuesday 3rd, January, 2012

Today we went on a big walk around the tracks on the Big Spur.

It must have been a big walk because we needed a big nap at lunch time!

We started walking at 9.30 in the morning following the track from the back of the lodge through the village of Hotham Heights and around the side of Mount Higginbotham.


Mount Tabletop could be seen in the distance.

That's the mountain with the flat top in the distance.

After crossing the Great Alpine road, we ambled along the grassy tracks
that meander around the Big Spur.

In winter time these tracks are used for cross country skiing.

There were great views of the surrounding mountains and ridges from the Spur.

View to Mount Hotham

 The hillsides were carpeted with flowers and grasses.

White trigger plant?

Pink trigger plants

The paths were lined with the bleached, dead branches of Snowgums,

that stand as reminders from fires that swept the High Country in the past decade.

The Snowgums are slowly regrowing as they are well adapted to the cycle of fire and growth that has shaped the Australian landscape for centuries.

 The hillsides were literally carpets of flowers.

Trigger plants and Snow Daisies

The walk in total was about 6 kilometers at an altitude of over 1700 meters.
A good introductory walk for our annual High Country Camp.

Walkabouters Club of Victoria Inc.


  1. Who is that amazing woman with the red shirt and the green hat?

  2. Te he! I hope it IS who I think it is!

  3. Hello Hazel, you are quite right. It is who you think it is!


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