Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mount Tabletop, Thursday 5 January,2012

Today we tackled the 10 kilometer return walk to Mount Tabletop.

The Tabletop from Hotham Heights

Named for it's distinctive flat, table-like summit, Mount Tabletop rises to an altitude of 1,603 meters above sea level. It lies between the villages of Hotham Heights and Dinner Plain, south of the Great Alpine Road.

View from Dinner Plain

The track to Mount Tabletop starts at J.B. Plain, near Dinner Plain. 

The not very J.B. Plain

Following ski poles with orange triangles, the track crosses Alpine fields covered with 
native grasses and dotted with Snow Gums.

At the end of the plain, the track drops sharply down to Tabletop Creek. Here the plants and animals are abundant due to the constant water supply.

We came across the rather colourful lizard. 
Not quite sure what species of lizard, maybe it's a tiger lizard. 

Of course, after every steep decent there is a steep ascent.

The track that leads up to the summit of Mount Tabletop feels never ending. And just when you think you are there, another sharp incline sneaks beneath your feet and zaps you of your last physical effort. It's a good thing our lunches are sitting heavily in our packs.

 And then we were at the top!

Embracing the views!

The View!

 We were treated to patches of Green Hood Orchids on top of Mount Tabletop!

A Green Hood

 Our return trip followed the path back down the mountain and across the creek. 

We meandered across J.B. Plain and inspected the hut 
near J.B. Plain's camping area before returning to the lodge.

A very enjoyable walk, that tested our legs and provided some glorious views 
of the Victorian Alps.

Walkabouters Club of Victoria Inc.

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