Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hotham Dinner Plain Trail - 7th Janurary, 2012

For our last walk of the week we decided to walk from Wire Plain to Dinner Plain.

Commencing from the Nordic Ski shelter on Wire Plain, we crossed the Great Alpine road to visit Howard's Hut.

The flowers glowed and the grass glistened in the morning light.

 If this sign had been on a post, we wouldn't have missed it on the first time we went past.

Snow gums lined our path

and the native grasses were so lush after recent rain.

We enjoyed morning tea at Paw Paw Plain, where we watched red robins dart among the branches of the Snow Gums.

Paw Paw Plain

There was a section of the track that was blocked off due to construction. 

 Despite the warning we decided to try out the new construction anyway.

It was unclear why the raised metal walkway was there, as the landscape did not appear to be boggy and it only lasted about 300 meters. Maybe it was for the local trolls. 

We were soon walking back on solid ground

and enjoying the Alpine views.

J.B. Plain
Lunch was enjoyed at J.B.Plain camp site before continuing on to Dinner Plain and a well deserved beer at a local cafe.

The walk was 10 kilometers in length with a few undulations. A great walk to stretch the muscles and kinks out after a fantastic week of walking.

Walkabouters Club of Victoria Inc.

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