Friday, April 26, 2013

Walk Notice - George Bass Coastal Trail - Sunday 28th April

This Sunday the Walkabouters will be wandering along the George Bass Coastal Trail.

The Walk:

This is a walk along the cliff-tops from near San Remo to Kilcunda, and back again, with views out to Bass Strait. The path is undulating as it passes through coastal shrubs and over grasslands. We will also remember George Bass and his voyages here over 200 hundred years ago. 


Medium walking, about 14 km in length. 

Here are some coastal views to whet your appetite!


Except that the photos wont upload!

Oh, here they are.

Sleepy Bay, Freycinet Peninsula, Tas.

Winegalss Bay, Freycinet Peninsula, Tas.

The Hazards, Freycinet Peninsula, Tas.

The views along the cliff tops from the Goerge Bass Coastal Trail
may be just as beautiful.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

For more information contact:

Walkabouters Club of Victoria Inc.

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